Obediah Stoner
Obediah Stoner 1834 - 1889
Son of John Stoner 1803 - 1887
yDNA Haplogroup R1b1a2-m269
yDNA R1b1a2
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These family lines are dna-match related and share yet unknown common ancestors.

John Stoner & Elisabeth
Dauphin Co., PA 1803 - Richland Co., OH 1887

Levi Stoner & Hannah (Myers)
Westmoreland Co., PA 1829 - Elkhart Co., IN 1910

Abraham Stoner & Mary (Leib)
Rothenbach SW ca. 1700 - Lancaster Co., PA 1741
Valentine Stoner & Sarah
Woodford Co., KY ca. 1770 - Clark Co., IN ca. 1830
Christian Stoner & Mary (Ebersole)
Lancaster Co., PA ca. 1785 - Bedford Co., PA 1853
Abraham Stoner & Mary (Sherrick)
Bedford Co., PA 1788 - Westmoreland Co., PA 1863
Johann Steiner
Alsace Larraine SW ca. 1837 - Buffalo, NY ca.1910
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Possible yDNA-Cousins
These 2 family lines have a dna-match however documentation and confirmation is still needed!
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Hans Steiner
ca. 1650
Jacob Steiner
1713 - 1748

Stoner Family Genealogy and Ancestry

We are now in our 16th year of pursuing our Stoner family genealogy. With new technologies available in DNA research and the field of DNA Genealogy opening up new possibilities, we are continuing with the latest tools at our disposal. To that end, over the next few years, we are endeavoring to document and identify the family dna cousin lines.

With a new generation joining us in this endeavor, Alexander Stoner and Samantha Stoner are acting as Administrators for the dna cousin lines. They are working with the various researchers that have worked tirelessly on these Stoner family lines. Their goal is to collect copies of documents, photos, stories, and etc. and scan, footnote, and post online, the various Stoner family trees.

If you are a researcher or a family member, or are interested in any of these Stoner Family lines, please contact us.

Alexander Stoner
Alexander Stoner

Samantha Stoner
Samantha Stoner

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yDNA R1b1a2

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